Our Services


UCS’ staff are experts in administering Louisiana and Mississippi clams. UCS zealously pursue all claims from the initial claim filed to the district courts. We represent employers in administrative hearings, board appeals and judicial appeals. UCS employs a full time staff attorney.

All clients will receive prompt notice on all claims filed. UCS will process the appropriate documentation, protest the claim and ensure a timely response. UCS’ standard operating procedure is to ensure our clients will not assume financial liability based on unwarranted claims and incorrect wage data processed by the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

If an adverse determination is made by the Louisiana Workforce Commission and it is warranted, UCS will prepare an administrative appeal. Once a hearing date is set, our staff coordinates with the client to ensure that the appropriate witnesses are present and documentation supporting our clients’ position is submitted to the administrative law judge for the record. All appeal hearings are attended by full-time specialists or our staff attorney. As a rule, our hearing representative will discuss each case with our client and witnesses prior to the hearing.

If an adverse decision is made by the administrative law judge our staff attorney will prepare an appeal to the Louisiana Board of Review. The Louisiana Board of Review, from the record, makes a determination based on the facts and evidence presented to the administrative law judge.

If an adverse decision is made by the Louisiana Board of Review our staff attorney will prepare a petition for judicial review to the appropriate district court. Our attorney will then pursue the judicial review to completion and will determine whether further appeal is necessary.

If an initial decision is favorable to our clients and the claimant appeals, our staff will vigorously defend the favorable decision throughout the administrative and judicial appeal process.

UCS also receives and audits the quarterly benefit charges in an attempt to identify potential erroneous, fraudulent and unwarranted payments. When improper payments are made to claimants, UCS will take the necessary steps to correct them and have our clients credited by the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

The UCS staff are experts in the administration of Louisiana unemployment law. Their value as specialists was highlighted when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita triggered massive unemployment claims in south Louisiana. Our staff fully understood the effects of Governor Blanco’s Executive Orders that suspended certain portions of the UC law. When the Louisiana Workforce Commission f/k/a Louisiana Department of Labor issued separate benefit charge statements for regular claims and for hurricane related claims, our company was the only consulting firm that audited its clients statements and caused over $2 million in regular claims (payable immediately) to be transferred as hurricane related claims (payment deferred and subsequently canceled).

UCS recognizes the value of active involvement in the legislative process. As part of our ongoing research and evaluation of unemployment compensation laws, we:

  • Actively monitor all proposed legislation relating to unemployment matters and;
  • Pursue precedent setting cases through the court system appeals process to assure that case law does not disrupt legislative intent and equitable treatment.


  • Non-charge on taxable employer’s account
  • Wage credit cancelled
  • Reduction of unemployment tax rates
  • Reduction in benefit charge payments for reimbursable employer’s account
  • Credits for fraud/overpayment to claimants
  • Reduction in administration costs